GDL-82 ADS-B "Out" Transmitter with WAAS GPS (FACTORY NEW)

$2,298.00 each

Product Information
Condition: Factory New
Voltage: 14/28 V
Included: GDL-82, WAAS GPS Antenna, Connector Kit, Garmin Factory Warranty


Many of our customers are looking for affordable solutions to meet the ADS-B "Out" requirement. If both of these statements describe your avionics, the Garmin GDL-82 may be the right solution for you:

  • You have a reliable Transponder. It does not offer ADS-B, but it otherwise meets your needs.
  • You do not have a WAAS GPS Navigator installed in your panel.

The GDL-82 is designed for exactly this situation. It meets the ADS-B "Out" requirement without any panel modifications.

Any ADS-B "Out" solution needs a WAAS GPS position fix to transmit. The GDL-82 includes both an internal WAAS GPS Receiver and an external WAAS GPS antenna. This allows the GDL-82 to determine your position, then transmit it to the ADS-B system.

The GDL-82 is installed between your existing Transponder and your Transponder Antenna. ADS-B requires your "Out" Transmitter to squawk the same code as your Transponder. Garmin's automatic squawk code feature synchronizes the ADS-B code with your Transponder code. You simply enter the code once on the Transponder, as you do today. The ADS-B "Out" transmission is transparent and in the background. There is no need to install a second ADS-B control panel, which saves money and panel space.

The GDL-82's output is sent along the antenna cable, and is broadcast by your current Transponder Antenna. Your position is then available to ATC and every aircraft with an ADS-B "In" Receiver.

The GDL-82 offers 978 UAT transmission, making it a valid choice up to 18,000 feet.

While the GDL-82 does not offer ADS-B "In" reception, it may be used with a portable ADS-B In Receiver such as the Garmin GDL-50 or GDL-52. This combination is a complete, low-cost ADS-B "In/Out" solution which would display subscription-free Traffic and Weather on a portable display.