Digital Radio Altimeter Test Set

$4,612.00 each

The Atlantis Avionics ARA-552 Radio Altimeter Test Set facilitates testing of analogue altimeters by providing simulated aircraft radio altitude information in a flight-line environment. The ARA-552 Analog Adapter allows testing of aircraft autoland systems, ground proximity warning systems, and installed altimeter systems. The ARA-552 Test Set may be used whenever active control of the radio altitude bus is a test requirement.

  • Can interface directly to aircraft wiring or simulating altimeter
  • Displays altimeter output DC voltage converted to feet of altitude, according to altimeter specifications. ARINC 552 DC altitude voltage conversion circuitry for display of altimeter output voltage in feet, with a resolution of one foot
  • Can simulate the altitude trip relays of a removed altimeter according to one of four preprogrammed banks of set points
  • Triple frequency synthesizers and output conditioning circuitry for 860F-1/4 test signals
  • Consistent interpretation/operation, regardless of the altimeter being tested
  • Operates from internal battery or AC line power
  • Drives up to three altimeters independently
  • Generates DC altitude voltages according to one of four programmed relationships to simulate a removed altimeter
  • Can simulate the autopilot warn and system flag relays of a removed altimeter
  • Displays FLAG, TRIP, and A/P WARN RELAY contact closures
  • Self-test controls for altimeter under test
  • Microprocessor-based design for high accuracy